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Top 5 Investment Myths Global Investor Should Avoid By Investment Excel

When it comes to the investment we all have our plans and we all have our expectations in the form of profit to be gained from the investment plan. But there is always a pool of misconceptions which come along with the investment and make us step back.

How can you be sure of what you're doing it all right? Or your decision would only bring the best result?

Well, these questions are always traveling along with the number of myths that have grown up around investing. Here are four myths that could be holding you back – and the truth that might encourage you to get started. So let’s read ahead…

  1. Early age planning is not ideal: Many of us think that once we reach 40+ age then planning for retirement should be commenced, but rethink, because long term investment always gives better results. Therefore if you start planning early then you secure the fair chances for getting a better result and can even plan your early retirement.

  2. Stock markets can earn more money: Well, to be honest, this is the most popular myth, and it is practiced by many investors, but what they fail to understand is that stock markets only reward the long term investors. Since the very mechanism of the stock market works on a system, which allows the transfer of money from investors who are fearful and greedy to the investors who are balanced and rational.

  3. Pick the “right” stock to succeed: The stock market is never consistent and always goes up and down. Another investing myth that worries the investors is the stock picking. So much emphasis is placed on individual stocks and potential superstars. No doubt, a right stock can be good for your portfolio but consider investing in index funds or index exchange-traded funds. This will guarantee your profit based on market performance overall.

  4. It takes too much time to invest: When you think of investment the the first thing comes in your mind is the famous people who already have made so big in their field, and then you always wonder that too much investment can only bring the right result for you, but this is not the fact, but there are multiple ways through which you can invest in small number and yet get the bigger profit tomorrow. These myths can be bombarded with the experts’ advice coming from Investment Excel. So don’t wait anymore and find out how well you can plan out your investment.


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